I would like to tell you that I love passwords, but the truth is they’re quite aggravating. You see you need a good password so that others can’t steal your information yet it needs to be a password you can remember. therein lies the problem. If you use a different password for everything that needs a password you will eventually know more passwords then regular words. And then if you have trouble with retention of passwords you forget them so you have to keep creating new ones or you write them down and then have to remember where you put them, cause you still need to hide them. I’m not saying passwords are a bad thing I just think they’re all too often unnecessary. I mean really do I need a password for my discount grocery card for my discount gas card for my discount prescription drug card. For my bank card and such I understand. But come on I need a password to run the software to download this program and once I got this program up I had to come up with another password so I could use it. And according to some very important people (you know who you are) you need a different password for everything otherwise if people know your one password they would have access to all your information. I guess lucky for me I just don’t know anything or have anything worth the trouble to still it. Hey if you want it that bad just ask I’ll probably give it to you anyways.

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