Snow Brings Out The Kid In Us

I can’t really explain it, but snow seems to bring out the kid in most of us. Maybe it is the innocence of the snow flake or the twinkling flutter of the flakes as they effortlessly float from the sky. Whatever the case may be, I always go back go my childhood every time it snows.

I remember being about four or five years old when a great big snow storm blew through the little town of Lincolnton. We were living in a duplex just a ways from town at the time. My family lived on one side and an aunt and uncle lived on the other. I have always been short for my age (I still am) so for a five-year old a foot of snow was monstrously high! But me and my cousins loved it. My dad would walk around in the snow and then tell us to walk in his steps. This was great for a little while but dad soon forgot that our stride was about a third of his. It wasn’t long before I couldn’t reach the next step or the next or the .. well you get the picture. It was a typical southern snowy day. The sky was bright, wind was blowing, kids were laughing and snot was flowing. (Guess you really didn’t need that detail, but it’s important to the plot of this story. Well it would be if this story had a plot!) It was during one of our follow the leader (dad) trails that I stepped out of one of my snow boots! Normal people would have stopped, retrieved the boot, put the boot back on and continued with follow the leader. I have never been accused of being normal. Left of it but never dead center. It was not too bad walking without my boot at first. Mom had kindly put on us kids every pair of socks we owned so our feet would stay warm. So it took a while before the icy cold snow soaked through and froze my foot. Now as adults, when we get cold, our teeth will chatter, our nose will run and we will complain bout how we have never been cold before. But if kids are having fun, they will become oblivious to symptoms of severe cold, at least for a while. But when the fun slows down and the laughter stops, it’s time for “guess what is wrong with that crying kid.” It’s like a weird game of charades. Amongst the crying, snot bubbles (so glad I could work that into this story) chattering teeth, others kids crying, or them trying to tell you what is wrong with your kid, a parent can go nuts. Unable to decipher what was wrong with me my dad lifted me from the snow and headed toward our front porch. While crossing the yard my dad noticed I was missing a boot. It was then that he got the brilliant idea to ask a freezing, mad and crying five-year old kid, “where is your boot.” If I knew that it would not have been missing!

It was several days before the snow melted enough to find my missing boot. By then us kids had lost other boots, socks and shoes. What wasn’t that day was the joy of being a kid. At my house today there is seven inches of snow. I think its time to be a kid again!

About keithnavey

I Pastor Eva Drive Baptist Church in Concord NC.You should come visit us. I'm married, I also have a son. I enjoy playing guitar and bass and sportcenter. And my family has the world's best dog, Kronk. But don't say the d o g word around him, he don't know he's a dog!
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