I Was Just Thinking …. Do You Ever Think About Your Prayers?

The other day I was in a hurry and before leaving the house I tried to tell my wife a story that was on the news earlier that morning that had disturbed me. In my haste and frustration I babled on and on until finally my wife said, “what, that doesn’t make sense.” So I started over. This time in more of a hurry and more frustrated because the story upset me and my wife didn’t understand my story. Again she interupted me and said, “that doesn’t make sense.” And we began to play 20 questions. About question 3 I gave up and left the house for my meeting. Why could she not

About keithnavey

I Pastor Eva Drive Baptist Church in Concord NC.You should come visit us. I'm married, I also have a son. I enjoy playing guitar and bass and sportcenter. And my family has the world's best dog, Kronk. But don't say the d o g word around him, he don't know he's a dog!
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