I was just thinking … Thank You!

This past Saturday our church had a Bicycle Fair. A number of people played a part in this wonderful ministry. And to all of them I say “thank you very much!”

But since the Bicycle Fair I’ve had something strange happen over and over again. People have been telling me, thank you! What’s so strange is I don’t know or barely know these people. They are outside of my church and mostly outside of my usual  circle of friends and acquaintances. Some have even offered to do something special for me or my church family. One people even told me, you have blessed others so I want to bless you. That statement came from someone who was not directly affected by our Bicycle Fair. Others have made similar statements to me.

People are watching the church. Not just ours! They want to see if we are for “real!” Not everyone who offered to “bless me or our church” are Christian. But maybe ….. maybe they are watching to see if what we have is “real” or worth having.

To some people we just gave away bicycles. But to others, maybe… just maybe, we gave them a glimpse of Jesus. Could it be that the next time they say, “thank you” it will be to Jesus for His great love and salvation.

About keithnavey

I Pastor Eva Drive Baptist Church in Concord NC.You should come visit us. I'm married, I also have a son. I enjoy playing guitar and bass and sportcenter. And my family has the world's best dog, Kronk. But don't say the d o g word around him, he don't know he's a dog!
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