I was just thinking … You Should Ignore The Bible!

That’s what I took away from a speech by Dan Savage. Mr. Savage was on AOL news this morning erging Christians to forget or ignore what the Bible teaches. Saying people should live the lifestyle they want to live, even if it goes againt God, the Bible and what they know is truely wrong! But don’t take my word for it, look him up.

Mr Savage is a resident of Seattle, Washington. He is the author of a book, has written many newspaper articles and debates and defends gay rights as well as being a gay man seeking to give love and sexual advice to heterosexual couples. (I hope you caught that)

Being brought up Roman Catholic, Mr. Savage has some Biblical background. Yet he considers himself a wishy washy agnostic and an atheist. (Apparently he doesn’t know what he is.)

In his video today Mr. Savage claims that Christians have forgotten how that the Bible advocates the poor treatment of women and agrees with slavery along several other social injustices. What Bible is he reading? Of all the things he said and quoted from the Bible, the only thing he got right was that there is an Old Testament and a New Testament.

To clear a few things up let say that the Bible tell of many social injustices and abuses as well as people neglected and abandoned. I have read the Bible through many times and have never even once thought that the Bible advocated these injustices. The Bible does however reveal the sin and flaws of mankind. And in doing so, the Bible, that Mr. Savage asks you to ignore, tells us that a change needs to take place in the heart of mankind. We need to turn from our sinful ways, trust in Jesus, accept His forgiveness of our sins and let Him break the chains of sin in our lives.  (are you paying attention Mr. Savage?) Try reading II Corinthians 5:17, for Mr. Savage thats a book in the Bible he has obviously has not read.

In fact Mr. Savage needs to read the New Testament that he claims if we are going to read and live by the Bible we should at least live by that part of the Bible. Well, that part of the teaches, forgiveness, grace, how to love, be a friend, have compassion, care for one another, take care of widows and orphaned children and the list goes on and on. He even brings up the subject of slavery. While all hands may be dirty on this one, it was and is Christians, thats Bible believing, Jesus trusting Christians that have led and are leading the fight against slavery of all kinds. Even today it is the church, Christians, that are leading the way to end sex slavey in America and the world. Read the biography of William Wilberforce and see the movie, “Amazing Grace” to see a little of what Bible believing, Bible living people do.

Mr. Savage did quote the Bible, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” I believe Jesus really wants us to live that way. So, follow that thought out and this is what you will find: “love the person, hate the sin.”

As for the reason Mr. Savage wants to you to ignore, see Romans 1:26-30. I do not believe in gay bashing or harming others. The Bible does teach that homosexuality is a sin, Old and New Testament. Again, “all have sinned come short of the glory of God.” There is grace and forgiveness our sins. Jesus will forgive us of our sins and give us the grace and strength to resist them!

Mr. Savage, May the God of comfort and grace become real in your life!

And finally, read your Bible! Learn the truth!!!!

About keithnavey

I Pastor Eva Drive Baptist Church in Concord NC.You should come visit us. I'm married, I also have a son. I enjoy playing guitar and bass and sportcenter. And my family has the world's best dog, Kronk. But don't say the d o g word around him, he don't know he's a dog!
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