I Was Just Thinking … Lilith, the Women before Eve

Wow! I hope I have your attention now. Several weeks ago a church member brought me an article entitled Woman before Eve: The story of Lilith. A co-worker gave it to them, I suppose to find out it there was any merit to the story. 

I have admit I was not familar with this story. And after quickly scaning the article I could easily give several reasons why there could be no basis to it, but rather it was a blatent lie that was being spread to support or excuse a certain life style, behavoir or just to defraud God, the Bible and Christians in general. In fact I believe this is just another example of Satan being the father of lies and doing his best to discredit what is really true.

Here is a quick telling of Lilith’s story. Supposedly Lilith was created after Adam. She was also formed of the dust of the earth like Adam. She considered  being created as a help meet for Adam as being inferior to him and since she was created like him she wanted to be just like him. Now depending on who you reference, her story varies in its detail. Some say she left Adam because he was rude and oppressive in his treatment of her, thought they have no evidence to back this up only what they call “this is what tradition tells us.” Others say she left because she refused to be regarded as a lower being that Adam and was thus disobedient to him. The story continues that one day Adam came to God and told Him that his wife Lilith had disappeared. Then God sent out angels to find her and bring her back. Of course she refused. Since she refused she faced punishment. Lilith said she would rather be punished than go back to Adam. Other tails about her include supposedly having  100 children a day with demons, becoming a creature of the night how harms children. She is said to harm boys on the first night of their lives and girls for the first twelve years of their lives. She and her demon daughters put off nocturnal emissions that I suppose are evil. She has been associated with lesbianism and known as a Divine Prositute. It is said that Adam married her because he tired of mating with animals not out of love. Lilith tradition says that her story unexplainably disappeared from the Bible and that God created Eve to be a lower, inferior and odedient being. From here her story only grows more immoral and unbelievable.

Now here is what the Bible says about this Lilith story. Lilith only exsist in the mind and inmagination of some creative and possibly evil people. At best they are terribly deceived! The Bible makes it clear in Gen. 2:7 that God created Adam from the dust of the earth, breathing the breathe of life into him. Gen. 2:18 we see that God stated that Adam needed human companionship, with vv2:19-24 telling why and how God created Eve. It was not so she could be a slave to Adam but a partner, love, friend to him and him to her, as well as a worshiper of God.

There is so much more that could be said on this subject, but I think you get the gest of it. There was no woman brefore Eve, the Bible says so! Thats the authority and source I believe.

Hoping not to start a fire storm, remember I told you earlier that Satan lies for a purpose? So do people. Movements with merit don’t need lies and fantasy to propel them forward or bring about change. Just some more food for thought! Check out http://www.holysmoke.org/fem/fem0205.htm

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3 Responses to I Was Just Thinking … Lilith, the Women before Eve

  1. Sarah Paskiewicz says:

    I’ve never heard of Lilith before (I can’t imagine who would have told me anyways), but I read some of the comments on holysmokes.com… I noticed this one lady and written in and mentioned something about a Lilith tarot card? I did some google search on Lilith and she is mentioned as the “Demon Queen”. Pretty sick and wicked (in the bad way) if you ask me.

  2. Sarah Paskiewicz says:

    Also, for some reason when you click on my name to find my blog it may come up as nonexistent… I deleted an old one and now i’m just sarahpaskiewicz.wordpress.com. I’m not sure why it doesn’t work.

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